The principals of Federal Street Capital have in-depth experience in mergers/acquisitions, recapitalizations, and private placements of equity, senior and subordinated debt

Federal Street Capital's ongoing venture capital fund management experience provides unique insight on deal structuring - what appeals to angel, venture capital, private equity and hedge fund investors. Federal Street Capital principals have a solid reputation with VCs and private equity groups to assemble a deal syndicate among well respected strategic sources of capital.

Federal Street Capital Bridge Network:

Federal Street Capital has a strong network of angels and bridge investors to get bridge financing or other short term financing done quickly. Here's why it's a unique and powerful assets for clients:

  • This private network of qualified investors represents approximately $9B in net worth not easily accessible through other sources.
  • This network understands risks and rewards of life sciences and technology investments because many investors have built and sold companies in those spaces. They have demonstrated that they will write checks for the right opportunity.
  • Focus on strategic investors - individuals who can provide advice and personal connections to the industry as well as sales leads.
  • FSC has gained the trust and commitment of this network and continues to growth this network by 10-20% per year because of the quality of deals brought and the reputation of principals for integrity, attention to detail and doing their homework in setting up the opportunity.